Anadrol 50 experience

Aldactone is a very effective diuretic. Many performance athletes often assume it’s weak but this is normally due to a misguided assumption pertaining to their own physique. If you are truly in shape and use this diuretic, such as a competitive bodybuilder, you will appear sharper once you hit the stage. If you do not appear noticeably sharper, this simply means you were fatter than you thought. As a therapeutic diuretic, you will also find Aldactone is far more comfortable than other options, but in severe cases of hypertension and edema it’s sometimes not enough. However, there is no reason a healthy athlete should really ever need anything stronger than this diuretic, and this is good news as stronger loop-diuretics can be very damaging to the athlete’s health.

Hey guys I have used Anapolin (Anadrol) heaps in the past. There was not a cycle that I did without it. I used 50mg a day for the entire cycle length in the off season. I also used it pre-comp as well. During pre-comp I would start at 1 tab a day for the first 2 weeks then to 2 a day for the next 2 weeks, then 3 a day for 3 weeks and start to taper off over the following 3 weeks. During both on and off season use my diet was always clean anyway so hardly and water weight. I used Syntax brand down here. I didn't suffer any gyno problems or any sides to that fact. Obviously strength was through the roof for absolutely everything. I use to love the Abombs but due to the hardness on the body that I am now aware of I wouldn't take them. All my Anapolin use age was in the early to late 90's.

Anadrol 50 experience

anadrol 50 experience


anadrol 50 experienceanadrol 50 experienceanadrol 50 experienceanadrol 50 experienceanadrol 50 experience