Anavar and drug testing

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Anabolic Steroids for Sport

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    You did make 1 point regarding said ethics, and I'll address that. You indicated that many lifters who use drugs compete in tested events and get away with it. This is absolutely true, but that doesn't legitimize the practice. In a sport where it's so easy to find untested competitions, it makes little sense to break such a rule. It sounds to me like the OP wants to compete in a tested comp because she doesn't feel like she got enough out of the steroids she took to be competitive in untested comps. This, in my opinion, is what makes her a complete asshole. She made a decision that she now regrets, and is trying to avoid the natural consequences of that decision by lying and cheating.

    Anavar and drug testing

    anavar and drug testing


    anavar and drug testinganavar and drug testinganavar and drug testinganavar and drug testinganavar and drug testing