Annavaram movie review

Second half starts with Annavaram killing 21 people including a corrupted cop and warns the ACP (Nagababu) that he will kill the rest of the crooks. He lets his friend (Brahmaji) know that he killed those people and also challenge Brahmaji that if has real guts then arrest all the rowdy sheeters. In doing so, Brahmaji lost his son and realizes that the way Annavaram is absolutely correct instead of his way. He starts supporting Annavaram and gives all the information about the local goondas. Annavaram finally ends up with three people – Tapas balu, Gutkha pandu and Ganga (The main villian). He let them all know about their deaths. He first kills Taps balu. The actions sequences are shot in a work shop and are really excellent. Then he kills Gutka pandu, who is brother of Giri. Pandu hides at minister’s (Dharmavarapu)home and minister asks police protection for himself. However Annavaram came to know from his friend that Pandu is hiding at misters home and kills him. This leads to a small clash between minister and Ganga Finally Annavaram challenges Giri that he is going to kill him on Dec 31st. Giri ask the rest of the crooks to assemble at his house and waits for Annavaram. But Annavaram takes the advantage of the small clash between Ganga and minister and let the police troops come to Ganga’s house and let the police and crooks fight. After that he kills Ganga exactly at 12:00.

Since establishing herself as the leading actress in South India, Asin opted to move into Bollywood . Her first film Ghajini , opposite Aamir Khan , was the remake of her breakthrough film of the same name. Upon release, the film garnered positive reactions from critics and masses alike, with Asin being singled out for her "fabulous" portrayal. Noted critic Taran Adarsh described her Hindi debut as "fabulous" and that "to share the screen space with an actor of the stature of Aamir Khan and yet remain in your memory even after the show has ended is no cakewalk. She looks fresh and photogenic and acts her part brilliantly, giving Asin's performance a positive outlook." [38]

Annavaram movie review

annavaram movie review


annavaram movie reviewannavaram movie reviewannavaram movie reviewannavaram movie reviewannavaram movie review