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This is Ruswa’s masterful retelling of the life of a courtesan of Lucknow, a woman of culture, charm and wit. As well as a poet, dancer and singer. Rich in historical detail, the novel captures the spirit of old Lucknow and its elegant decadence.   Umrao Jaan Ada is an integral part of Urdu adab. The story is based on the Lucknow Nawab culture of 19th century. An interesting story of a courtesan named Umrao. Her real name was Ameeran who goes through the different stages of her life and finally makes a futile search for her parents. Who were kidnapped by the village baddie during her childhood and sold to the ladies at the Bazar e Husan, the innocent Ameeran (Umrao) grows up to love and admire the power she possesses to control men’s hearts with her beautiful and canorus voice and her superb classical dances. This is the story of the loss of innocence as a child girl turns into a woman and then a famous courtesan.

Economy Hotels May have Common Bathrooms and VIA Flights and No Laundry facility.
If case of any other Embarkation point Air Fare Difference has to be paid.
To know the difference pls call on 022 49226705 / 49226706 .

Saudi Riyal is considered to be /-,
Any Increase in Ticket, Umrah Visa or Forex will have to be
borne by the client and paid before departure ....

Anwaar e madina facebook

anwaar e madina facebook


anwaar e madina facebookanwaar e madina facebookanwaar e madina facebookanwaar e madina facebookanwaar e madina facebook