Are nap 50s good

You need immediate alertness. Try a “ caffeine nap. ” Researchers at Loughborough University tested several ways to improve the alertness of drivers and found the “caffeine nap” to be the most effective method. You down a cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverage and then immediately hunker down for a 15-20 minute nap. Again, don’t go any longer than that or you’ll awaken with sleep inertia. The caffeine clears your body of adenosine, a chemical which makes you sleepy. It takes awhile for the caffeine to circulate through your system, so it doesn’t effect the quality of the nap. Instead, it kicks in in tandem with the refreshment you would feel upon awakening from a normal power nap. I’ve personally found the caffeine nap to be effective, especially when you’re crunched for time; it’s easier to get up and keeps you from the temptation of turning a 20 minute nap into an hour and a half session.

Hi Susan, That was fun seeing and hearing about your wardrobe and packing for Ireland! Hum .. I don’t see any kitties in your packing like we always had in ours! My mom and I used to get grief for bringing our closets on vacations. (She came on many trips with us!) My husband was our “travel company” carrying our suitcases so we didn’t have to, making it so much easier to bring everything .. and even more on the way back home! Besides, who knows what we will feel like wearing each day? I never know until I wake up and choice is always a good thing. I can’t imagine only a couple of things for a whole trip .. boring! I had a chuckle when I got to the picture of your pj’s with the trucks and reindeer .. I thought, oh how cute they look like MY trucks, reindeer, and the most adorable yellow house (that I covet greatly) that live at your house 🙂 And then on to the next pictures .. the trucks, reindeer, and my yellow house! Ta Da 🙂 Your trip is causing lots of excitement in the reader world .. including me! I am looking forward to pictures of your travels and hope that includes lots of shopping! By the way .. who wants to look like a local? As soon as you open your mouth I’m pretty sure they will know you’re not from those parts! What does one do when traveling and wanting to blend in with the locals? Play mute? Hum… All the best to you 🙂

The Not-So-Good News: By their 50s, some 15 to 20 percent of people get up at least twice in the night to urinate, says Ryan P. Terlecki, ., assistant professor of urology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, . Try decreasing fluids after 6 . and avoiding caffeinated beverages and alcohol. If you're on diuretics for high blood pressure, speak to your doctor about taking your pill in the morning. Stress incontinence  — urine loss when coughing or sneezing — affects about a third of women in their 50s. It's often chalked up to vaginal deliveries and the decline of estrogen, says Terlecki, but you can reduce incontinence symptoms through training. Ask your doctor about medications and Kegel exercises, which strengthen muscles around your uterus, bladder and rectum.

Are nap 50s good

are nap 50s good


are nap 50s goodare nap 50s goodare nap 50s goodare nap 50s goodare nap 50s good