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As mentioned earlier, the legend has changed from its early days and now includes such up-to-date frills as instructions to call 911 and e-mail exhortations to immediately pass this warning along. It’s the panic nature of scarelore that speeds it along at such a breathtaking rate — though a story about a dog and peanut butter might shock one into wondering what this world is coming to, it just doesn’t bring with it the same compelling incentive to protect those you care about by getting this information to them right away. As such, dog-and-peanut-butter stories get told (or e-mailed) when one has the time . . whereas when it’s scarelore one makes the time.

the lot is very close to a busy road and major intersection in the buslting city of hiroshima, with a constant sound-scape of revving engines and screeching trams. japenese practice hiroshi nakamura & NAP therefore created an acoustically protected tranquil oasis behind a crystal curtain that would still allow views of the city. this buffer space is a beautiful living filter; the impressive glass block facade resting over the wooden garage and entry area conceal behind it a green garden whose trees filter the eastern sunlight and offer a natural haven which all rooms in the program face. the effect is a visually busy exterior environment observed from the silence of the home.

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